Enlyte offers a scalable way to help employees manage their stress and addictions with a personalized, automated support system. Our bot based technology platform changes the conversation around enterprise wellness programs.

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Discover the possibilities of personalized, automated support for your workforce.

As the stress and addiction epidemic grows, we must recognize that traditional methods for coping are not working. Enlyte is the developer of  a bot-based conversational platform that can offer personalized support for individuals in need in the moments they need it most.

Not just any bot technology, Enlyte leverages machine learning to understand the personal habits and triggers of an individual to truly intervene and provide support on a personal level. Based on a cognitive behavioral therapy program created by a strong scientific team, Enlyte offers guidance, mindfulness coaching, and encouragement where it has never been available before.

The Cost of Addiction in the Workforce

The cost of addiction in the workforce is usually measured financially, but it can also refer to more subjective losses, which can change the entire nature of an office.

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81% of Enterprise Employees Say Chatbots Improve Their Productivity

Chatbot technology is changing the way organizations are addressing stress and addiction in the workplace to improve productivity. Many researchers believe conversational AI will soon be developers’ first priority, surpassing cloud-native and mobile-first projects in importance.

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