73% of Americans feel overwhelmed,
experiencing psychological symptoms.

Let enlyte help!

Fearsome Four

Disrupting Inner Peace.
Destroying Social Presence.
As demands and expectations of professional and personal life continue to rise, so does the inner distress one feels.
Frequent mood swings to overthinking to rising panic – anxiety comes in many shapes and often severe effects.
Suffered by many but expressed by few, depression plagues mental and physical wellness.
Substance abuse knows no bounds. A rising epidemic crippling the mental health of the populous.

Why Fear The Four?
Let's Explore

They cost orgs over $1 trillion in lost productivity yearly in the US alone.

Affects majority of the population. All age groups, from Students to Seniors.

Less than 10% of the affected actually receive professional help.

Destroys individuals and families. Negatively impacts corporate productivity and societies.

Enlyte To
Fight The Fearsome

Mobile Solution. Your Stigma-Free
“Buddy in your Pocket”.

Enlyte was designed by psychologists and neuroscientists to provide a Stigma-Free solution to those suffering from the Fearsome Four and Several More. Stigma Free is very important because you can greatly benefit from the science packed into the app in complete privacy. The idea is a “Buddy in your Pocket” that will help you help yourself, one day at a time. The freemium app helps you to be mindful and cultivate positive habits for well-being. Leads you to the much needed inner peace and balance.

From SAM & H.E.A.L.

Coping & Recovery. An Incomplete Journey.

Meet Sam

Sam – college student under tremendous pressure to complete projects on time.

How Stress found him

Sam had to work long hours on his projects on weekends while his friends partied.

Impact of Project Stress

Sam felt inferior from his friends and felt stressed about project completion. Prolonged anxiety led him towards depression.

The start of Addiction

Sam gave himself up to addiction hoping Meth and Cocaine would give him the desired boost.

H.E.A.L. Helping Sam

H.E.A.L. Helping Embrace & Accept Life
H.E.A.L. has over 30,000 volunteers at college campuses across the United States at any given time.

H.E.A.L. Inspiring
They inspire, give hope and find help for those struggling with depression, suicide, self-harm, and addiction.

Fearsome Four & Several More
There are more from the world of the Fearsome Four affecting Sam. And H.E.A.L. battles them daily.

Know More About Them

Enlightening About Enlyte

The Map. To Create A Growth Mindset.

Daily personal and professional ordeals shift focus from the little joys of life. Enlyte brings you back to them. It understands you through moods, cravings, and experiences. It guides you to a growth mindset through self-reflection and practice of gratitude.

Asks Sam to think about three things that he is grateful for every day, and three things that would make his day awesome!
Meditation to manage stress. Enlyte’s binaural-beat-based framework ease Sam into mediation – effectively than any other marketed solution.
Sam can track his moods and evaluate them as positive, negative or neutral. Now, he has an accurate understanding of emotions to come up with creative solutions.
Sam can record, recognize and evaluate triggers and cravings to spot trends and be more mindful.

Words That Matter

Expressing. The Difference We Made.

Enlyte is a pocket toolbox for users to actively engage in their own care. Through user directed activities, Enlyte provides a framework for addressing life’s challenges while building self-care as a daily habit. The strength of Enlyte is in empowering users to help themselves.

Zach OppenheimCommunity Outreach Director

Enlyte's mission to empower acceptance, hope, and gratitude for life, is a pivotal opportunity of self-exploration. Enlyte is a serendipitous opportunity to nurture our gratitude and belief in ourselves. I'm 27 years old and have spent 8 of my years mourning the loss of my twin brother to heroin. This movement has the capability to encourage, and inspire millions like me who need it the most. And although this journey is your own, you are not alone.

Savannah Knighten

The concept of Enlyte is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The app provides you with tools that can be easily integrated into your daily routine to improve mental well-being.

Dr. Krithika MuthukumaranPrincipal Scientist, Enlyte

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A Collection. To Cultivate Well Being.

We explore and express thoughts to guide your mental wellness journey. From articles to visuals, our library of information is there for every step of your journey.

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