Complications. Challenging Modern Minds.


The Fearsome Four And More

The digital era has seen stress manifest itself not only in professional but personal and social circles too. Given our lifestyles, stress is unavoidable but surely manageable.

Jane's Way Of Coping With Stress

Chronic or prolonged stress brings anxiety, and it’s only the beginning. Anxiety is more than panic attacks and could trigger depression.

Sam's Stressful Project Calendar

Depression silently intervenes with daily life, impacting moods, motivation, positive emotions and productivity. It ranges from major depressive disorder to persistent depressive disorders.

Susan's Caergiving To Depression

Addiction manifests as an uncontrollable habit or substance use. Mostly, it’s a person’s way of coping with stress, anxiety, and depression, besides the occasional cases of indulgence.

David's Habit Of Vaping To Smoking

More than passive thoughts of dying, the real intent to take one’s life poses a serious threat. An outcome of depression, trauma, stigma, it’s one of the leading cause of deaths in the US.

Pat's Incilination To Take His Life

From slashing to burning to self-inflicting of any other kind of bodily injury, self-harm is a way of coping with negative emotions. While it doesn’t necessarily lead to suicide, it leaves a mark on the human psyche.

Mary's Need To Slash Herself

Trauma from terrifying events can leave a mark in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Often dormant for years after the traumatic event, it can can manifest as heightened negative emotionality.

The Trauma That Haunts Tom

These affect the many and Enlyte helps users cope for a better living – every day.