Supporting Recoveries. With AI & Positivity.

The Application

Active Against The Fearsome Four

Using AI and Machine Learning to reduce relapse rates in people suffering with addiction issues – this was Enlyte’s purpose when initially conceived with scientists and psychologists in Mannheim, Germany. The team, working with professionals globally, has helped Enlyte grow. The objective – tackling the fearsome four – Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction, and several more – self-harm, suicidal ideation and PTSD.


Furthering. In-App Experiences.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and patent-pending technologies.

Co-developed with professionals (psychologists and behavioral health).

Designed to address depression and addiction issues.

Populated with in-app elements to promote peace and positivity.

Map your course to success with
Enlyte support. Planned mindfulness
training with daily tracking of moods,
activities, triggers, cravings, gratitude,
meditation and more.

Chart Your Life

Insights, empowering daily routines.
Change habits to challenge and
channel the best of you.

Chart Your Day

Review - actions, thoughts, and
emotions. Identify patterns and plan
your day.

Review And Preview

Patterns help you map behaviors,
emotions, and situations. Structure
creative solutions to tackle needs.

Chart Your Life

Helps you think of things positive
things, right in the morning.
Positive feelings help set the right
tempo for the day.

Gratitude Chart

A collection of Brain Entrainment
material principled on binaural beats
and subliminal affirmations.



Speaks Sense.
Behind Every Screen.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you to detect patterns in behavior, identifying distortions and negative thoughts. Helps question and change these with self-reflection.


Machine Learning helps the app to decide positive suggestions by analyzing past actions and decisions of the user.


The practice of Mindfulness helps center attention in the present moment with a non-judgemental outlook.


The practice of savoring experiences and social interactions leads to positive emotions that establish feelings of gratitude.


Your Road To Positivity. Starts Here.