The Science

One Tech. Transforming Many Lives.

The Start

First Steps Of Science

The Science behind Enlyte’s approach and the solution itself originated in ZI Mannheim, Germany, one of the country’s leading mental health clinics. A solid foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) combined with practices of Distraction and Mindfulness – the idea came from Professor Dr. Falk Kiefer and Dr. Jan Malte Bumb. The purpose – to help reduce relapse rates and improve mental health.

Today, the Enlyte platform integrates mindfulness, distraction, and a host of other tools as a means to promote mental-wellness and enhance quality of life and productivity. With the help of AI and machine learning algorithms, the application uses valuable data and inputs and give users better analytics, tools and services.

The Tools

Together. Technology & Behvioral Science.
Behavior Tracking

The application can track moods, activities and social interactions of a user, and raises awareness of what’s good and what’s not. The AI helps spot trends and behavior patterns. Self-monitoring of these by a user helps with an opportunity to better plan out how to handle challenging situations and triggers.


The practice of intentionally focusing one’s thoughts and attention in the present moment – it’s a nonjudgemental awareness of the present. It’s also a scientifically proven way to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increasing positive emotional state and self-regulatory behavior. And to help with mindfulness Enlyte helps users practice meditation once a day, including it in their everyday routine.


Distraction at work isn’t a good thing, but Enlyte uses Distraction for the better. A series of distractions could help prevent consumption after a trigger, and Enlyte helps provide them. The app helps with – mobile games, calling a friend/loved one, and listening to favorite music. Besides, our chatbot, a 24*7 judgment-free companion, keeps users engaged allowing them to cope with a trigger.


Studies suggest that Gratitude is a practice worth practicing for a positive impact on physical health, relationships and psychological well-being. With a daily listing of things to be grateful for, Enlyte helps heal with Gratitude for overwhelming mental health and social benefits

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are an auditory illusion that occurs in the brain when two tones are presented to each ear separately with slightly different frequencies. Studies report that it can decrease anxiety in a passive manner, the effect determined by the beat frequency and duration. Enlyte incorporates Subliminal messages with positive affirmations along with binaural beats tracks. This helps assert positive attitude, positive self-imagery, and positive changes.

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