Real Stories. Touched With Enlyte.


Plagued By Life’s Challenges

College Student
Stressed chasing project deadlines, coped anxiety with addiction.

Software Programmer
Lost her job and her way to gambling and alcohol.

Senior Citizen
Lived each day on drinks to avoid depression.

Professional trauma, triggering panic and depression.

Abused Teenager
Deflected childhood trauma with self-inflicted wounds.

From constant caregiving to sadness and stress.

Teen Vapor
Vaping didn’t kill him yet, but it did kill his swimming career.


Student. To An Addict.

Sam, a college student, was under pressure to complete his projects. Building project pressure put him under stress and subsequent working long weekend hours made him anxious. Furthermore, he felt inferior, as his friends partied and he worked on weekends. Yet the projects weren’t complete. Failing to get things done pushed him to depression. He started taking drugs – Meth and Cocaine, hoping to get the much-needed boost.

Enlyte - Helping Sam Recover


Professional. To Serial Gambler.

Jane was studious and completed her education with a Masters Degree. She immediately got a job in a global software company. Generally an upbeat person, she was constantly overwhelmed by her office workload and deadlines. All that changed in one company sponsored Casino Party, wherein she won big at roulette. Gambling became her weekly routine, and she used it to deal with her workplace stress . In spite of repeatedly losing, the casino’s free alcohol service and the thrill of the game kept her hooked to the tables. Losses piling up and resultant financial trouble increased her alcohol abuse. Poor job performance followed and before she realized her addiction issue, Jane lost her job. She sought help but couldn’t get any due to treatment facility capacity and out-of-pocket expenses.
Enlyte - Helping Jane Recover


Retired. But Not From Alcohol.

At 68, a retired Pat should have had a quaint life, not a looming divorce and unsupportive children. Many of his friends had passed away, and he felt invisible with none to care for him. He had considered suicide as an option too. Pat wasn’t stressed but depressed enough to rely on Vodka. It helped him to sleep well. Soon he was mixing alcohol with morning tea, drinking at lunch and passing out, completely drunk by nightfall. And so was his daily routine, with a new bottle of vodka or whiskey, trying to make it through.

Enlyte - Helping Pat Recover


Marine. With Memories Not So Happy.

A volunteer firefighter, Tom’s dream to make firefighting his lifetime profession. But a witness to horrifying incidents and accidents on the job, he resorted to drinks to numb the memories. He thought drinks were helping him feel fine each morning, but he was growing emotionally distant. When many of his friends joined the military he enlisted too and trained to be a marine. First-hand war zone experience opened his eyes to further misery, and he sought solace in alcohol as an occasional distraction. This didn’t change even after he left the army. To a traumatized Tom, normal life didn’t seem to be normal and he found it hard to fit in. He started having panic attacks from daily things, like a seeing a car’s headlight or the sound of thunder and lightning. He became depressed and didn’t feel like his life was worth living.

Enlyte - Helping Tom Recover


Caregiver. Not Caring For Self Anymore.

A woman in her late 50s, Susan was busy caring for her mother who was diagnosed with dementia. Her brother had moved to a different city and Susan was the only one tending to her. She visited the elderly home where her mother lived, every day after work and on weekends. This meant she spent less time with her husband and daughters, and with her friends. She was missing things she enjoyed and this left her guilty and sad. Besides this, her mother’s deteriorating condition made her lose hope. Personal stress impacted her professional performance. She was exhausted, felt like a failiure and developed depression.

Enlyte - Helping Susan Recover


Slasher. Coping Numbness With Self Harm.

A rough childhood due to sexual abuse from her uncle had severely affected Mary. From an early age she had felt faceless and invisible, assuming her parents hated her (though they didn’t). At the age of 13, she was getting alcohol from older boys, though she was good at deflecting their sexual advances. She didn’t have the urge of being intimate, and felt emotionally empty. That’s when she began consuming more alcohol, just to feel something. All she felt was the guilt of drinking and took to fantasizing about inflicting self-injury. Fantasy became a reality and Mary began slashing her thighs and wrists regularly, not to die, but just to feel at ease something. She drank more and punished herself even more for that. She knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, but physical pain kept reminding her that she wasn’t invisible anymore.

Enlyte - Helping Mary Recover


Vaping. Failed To Start His Dream Career.

David hated his grandfather’s habit of smoking and the smell of cigarettes. Yet, in high school when vaping became popular, he gave it a try and had loved it. Many flavors, the absence of ‘tar’ as in cigarettes, and easy availability had convinced David that there were no negative health issues since he was on a fast track to becoming a professional swimmer. What he didn’t know about was the high levels of nicotine. After 6 months of vaping, he had developed a nicotine addiction. Next, he started using cigarettes. To him, they felt better and didn’t smell so bad anymore. However, they effectively killed his potential swimming career. To this day, he tries to quit, but the triggers and cravings always lead him to a packet of cigarettes. He just can’t stop.

Enlyte - Helping David Recover

Five Steps To Recovery

Mapped By Enlyte

Enlyte asks three things a user is grateful for – every day. And three things that make their day awesome. It leads users towards positive emotions.
Helps meditate to manage stress. The app’s binaural-beat-based framework eases a user to meditation, more effectively than existing solutions.
Tracking moods, activities and thoughts becomes easier. The outcome – users start identifying situations, recognize and evaluate triggers and cravings to spot trends.
Being more mindful of conditions and experiences means people can tackle life’s issues in creative ways.
Users can fill out a safety plan chart and share a copy to their trusted supporters. The safety plan will help keep them safe when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Take action against anxiety, stress, depression, addiction and other overwhelming challenges of life.

Live free and lead a meaningful life with Enlyte.